"Coming Home"


"Coming Home"

"The Indios"

"The Indios"


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Dr. Gloria Palileo arrived in the United States from the Philippines in September, 1966 with fifty dollars (borrowed) in her pocket. Graduate assistantships got her through the masterís degree program at Kansas State and the doctoral at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

After over twenty years on the sociology faculty at the University of South Alabama, she is now retired but still teach classes there online.

In the early 1980s, she and her husband, Ross, adopted two boys and a girl from the Philippines. COMING HOME is inspired by the childrenís experiences with adaptation to their new home.

Dr. Palileo's multicultural experiences include living in Delhi, India as a UNESCO Fellow in the early 1960ís and in Egypt on a U.S. Department of Education Group Study Abroad grant to the University of South Alabama in 1982.

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